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The Don’t Click on That website has been quiet but that doesn’t mean that we are not working hard behind the scenes. Just a couple months ago I received a big job opportunity that brought me from Atlanta to New York City. It’s taken some time for me to relocate my family and get acquainted […] Read more…

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Your boarding pass photos could be revealing more information than you would like. Krebs on Security recently reported that hackers could be using the information printed on your boarding pass to track where you are going or cause disruptions in your travel. This included: viewing future travel, alter or cancel upcoming flights, access your frequent […] Read more…

Defeat the Facebook Copycats: Profile Cloning Attacks


I choose this topic first because it seems to be a common occurrence among people close to me. I first encountered this when my father’s Facebook account was cloned. I received a message from a family member who received a suspicious message from the account and contacted me. I was able to call my dad […] Read more…