Did you like what you have read so far and want to dig deeper? Check out my list of favorite security tools and blogs.


have i been pwned? – Check to see if your account has been compromised in a data breach

Virustotal – Free service to analysis suspicious URLs and files

Unfurlr  – Check where shortened links lead before clicking on them

ClamXav – Low cost antivirus software for Macs

Google Authenticator – 2 Factor Authentication App by Google

Lastpass Authenticator – 2 Factor Authentication App by Lastpass

Lastpass – Online Password Manager

1password – Locally Hosted Password Manager

NoScript – Browser script blocker

Signal – Private Messaging Mobile App

Peerio – Private Messaging and File Sharing App

ooniprobe – Mobile App for Tracking Internet Censorship

Mailvelope – Enhance your e-mail provider with end-to-end encryption based on OpenPGP